Compare our Dentures

Poorly fitted mass produced dentures (false teeth) often leave the wearer with an incorrect bite and a lack of lip and facial support.

In addition mass produced dentures tend to have the following issues;

Gums are too pink
Teeth are all one colour
Teeth are set too close together
Teeth are set too straight


We use the latest ultrasonic 3d technology to register the best possible bite for the patient. We also take care to ensure the wearer has the correct lip and facial support.

We  use Ivoclar Vivadent’s SR Orthoplane DCL ® teeth in the manufacture of dentures. Each tooth is hand crafted allowing us to create individual characterisations like fine hair line cracks and differences in colour. We use up to 5 different shades per tooth to create natural dentition.

Each tooth is positioned differently within the gum so that light is reflected at different angles when smiling, creating a brighter and more natural smile.

We use modern, multi-tone staining techniques to hand colour the gums, making them appear more natural looking.